In all actuality, I should have titled this post Tuesdays With Dorie Catch Up. I feel a tad guilty about neglecting my poor little blog, but this has been one crazy-busy, FUN summer.

For the week of July 12th, Kelly of Our Crazy Blessed Life chose Dorie‘s Brrrr-ownies. These refreshing brownies are the perfect way to cool down from the summer heat. How can a brownie be refreshing, you ask? They’re chock-full of York peppermint patties, that’s how. “When I bite into a York peppermint patty, I get the sensation of being on top of a cold mountain, and all I want to do is yodel! YO-DE-LAY-HEE-HOO!”

The key to these brownies is to cut the peppermint patties, leaving them in large chunks. Too small and you’ll have a gooey pepperminty paste instead of a nice pepperminty bite. Visit Kelly for the recipe [click here] and be sure to catch up with the rest of the TWD gang.

Now, on to the Chewy, Chunky Blondies selected by Nicole of Cookies on Friday for last week’s TWD recipe. I want to give Nicole a big hug for choosing blondies. And these are even more fabulous than your typical blondie – walnuts, chocolate (I used bittersweet), sweetened coconut, and toffee!! What’s not to love, right?

When your dessert glistens, you know it's going to taste incredible!

You’ll want this recipe and lucky for you it’s posted here on Nicole’s blog. To see the rest of the TWD bakers’ blondies visit the Leave Your Link page here.

I’m sitting out for this week’s TWD recipe. I have way too many goodies in the house right now, but I’ll be back next week with Dorie’s Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream. Forget bathing suit season!