I know, I know…this was last week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe. I made this week’s recipe too and will post about it shortly, but first things first.

Wendy of Pink Stripes chose Dorie‘s Rum-Drenched Vanilla Cakes. Actually, I didn’t make “rum-drenched” vanilla cakes. I made plain ol’ vanilla cakes and jazzed them up with a little blueberry syrup. Hey, I had to do something with the 2 gallons of fresh blueberries I picked last weekend. The amount of berries I used for the syrup barely put a dent in my blueberry surplus so you can anticipate finding many blueberry treats here.

Since we’ve had numerous cakes and pavlovas in the house, I decided to give away these sweet little pound cakes. I did trim a little piece off one…for quality control purposes only. The verdict? Lightly sweet, buttery, and full of vanilla flavor! The blueberry syrup was a really nice touch.

Visit Wendy for the recipe and check out the rest of the TWD bakers to see what they baked up last week.