While it may have been silent on the ol’ blog front the past few weeks, it’s been anything but quiet for The Eclectic Connoisseur. I had been lamenting to my husband that I needed a change of scenery. Well, I got exactly what I wanted. Our destination of choice? Greenville, South Carolina, baby!

The fun began with an scenic bike ride through town. It was also a challenging ride, at least for this flatlander. We took in the beauty of Falls Park on the Reedy River which is nestled at the west end of the downtown district. After breakfast and a stroll through the farmers market, we set our sights on our next stop.

We ventured into Transylvania County, North Carolina (not nearly as spooky as its name suggests) for some waterfall hunting in DuPont State Forest and Pisgah National Forest. While DuPont boasted gorgeous views of High Falls, I’ve never seen anything like the powerful rapids of the Green River in Pisgah. It was a long and arduous hike (watch out for copperheads!), but so very rewarding. Enjoying the mist from the falls while cooling off from our efforts, I was horrified amazed that someone would actually kayak down the Green River. There are some intense pictures on my friend B’s blog of the international kayak competition held there this past November for your viewing pleasure.

But best of all, our adventures included two of our dearest friends. Is there anything better? Well, I haven’t mentioned the food yet so come back tomorrow. Have a fabulous day!