This week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe is brought to us by Mary of Popsicles & Sandy Feet. Mary selected Dorie‘s chockablock cookies.

I’ve nicknamed these cookies after my good friend, Tagg, who’s favorite saying is, “If you ain’t got a lot going on, then you just don’t have much going on.” Well, these cookies certainly have a lot going on! With the oatmeal, coconut, chocolate, nuts, and dried fruit, there’s no way these chunky cookies will be mistaken for homebodies.

I used a combination of rougly chopped bittersweet chocolate, pecans, and dried mango. In retrospect, mango was perhaps too mild of a choice. I think a tart fruit, such as dried cranberries, would be better suited for these busy cookies. All in all, I was pleased with how these turned out and I like the versatility of this recipe. I think a combo of white chocolate, dried pineapple, and macadamia nuts would be sublime!

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