To balance out the gluttony in our household, the husband and I have instituted Meatless Mondays. That’s right, no meat at all on Mondays from here on out. We’ll see how long our willpower lasts.

I discovered a recipe for black bean burgers with mango salsa in the April issue of Cooking Light. The recipe is also available online here. I knew we’d love these as soon as I read the ingredient list: black beans (obviously), cilantro, Monterrey-Jack cheese, lime juice, jalapeno, mango, and avocado. Yum!

And perhaps best of all, this meal came together in a flash. After work, I went grocery shopping and made a quick trip to my folks’ house and I still had dinner ready in time to watch 24 with my man. Simply mash the black beans then add your cilantro, cheese, breadcrumbs, spices, jalapeno, and egg whites then form into patties. The burgers will need 20 minutes in the oven which gives you plenty of time to prepare the mango salsa.

The consistency of the salsa is up to you. I initially left the salsa pretty chunky. What was the reward for my efforts? A lapful of salsa. For my second burger (of course I had seconds!), I decided to pulse the salsa in the food processor with a little extra-virgin olive oil. Now this salsa was much more obedient, going into my mouth instead of fleeing south.

We didn’t even miss having meat. Actually, the only thing that could have made this meal any better would have been a margarita. There’s always next time!