So, what’s better than dulce de leche? How about a dulce de leche cookie? Or, better yet, how about two dulce de leche cookies joined together by an ooey, gooey layer of sweet dulce de leche? I’ll take door number three!

Jodie of Beansy Loves Cake selected Dorie‘s dulce de leche duos for this week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe. I had never made anything with dulce de leche before, so my confidence was somewhat lacking. Turns out, I had nothing to fret about thanks to Julie and Mike‘s wonderful tips for making ducle de leche. I followed Julie’s method:

  • Take two cans of sweetened condensed milk and remove the labels.
  • Put them in the bottom of a slow cooker and fill it with water so the cans are covered by at least 2″ of water.
  • Set it to low and let it cook overnight — eight to ten hours.
  • In the morning, turn it off and let the cans cool in the water.

That’s all there is to it. Simply pop the top and you’ll be greeted by the loveliest caramel you’ve ever seen. It may be time to change the old phrase “as simple as pie” to “as simple as dulce de leche”. 😉

Just look at that gorgeous caramel oozing out from between the cookies!

I’ve been passing these cookies out left and right and the feedback I’ve received has been overwhelming. I believe I even heard an “exquisite”. Exquisite, indeed!

These sandwich cookies are best served day of, but will keep in an airtight container for up to four days. By day two, I noticed my cookies had softened a little and I preferred the crispness they had the first day. A little softness isn’t going to stop me (or anyone else I know for that matter) from enjoying these cookies. I’m no quitter!

If you’re in the market for an easy cookie recipe that’s guaranteed to make folks happy, head over to Jodie’s place for the recipe. Give some love to the rest of the TWD gang by visiting our blogroll. Oh, I am already drooling over next week’s TWD recipe. I’ll give you a hint – pass the sunblock ‘cuz we’re gettin’ tropical!