For this week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe, Kristin of I’m Right About Everything selected Dorie‘s Milk Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes. Any time I see a recipe that involves chocolate, I get kind of pumped up. When I see the same recipe calls for a swirl of cocoa, sugar, and nuts inside said chocolate cake, well…that just thrills me.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but these mini bundts just weren’t as delectable as I’d hoped they’d be. Perhaps I overcooked mine, because I thought they were a little on the dry side. I also took issue with the chocolate glaze as many of the other TWD bakers did. This glaze is more like a thick icing, hardening within seconds as opposed to the 15 minutes indicated in BFMHTY. Hence no photos of my glazed cakes  – they went from beautiful to grossly deformed looking in a matter of seconds thanks to this so-called glaze.  I think a thinner, more syrupy chocolate topping would be just the thing for these little jewels. Maybe a chocolate sauce with a touch of hazelnut or espresso, mmm….

I will definitely try this recipe again, but with a few adjustments. I’m really digging the hazelnut chocolate sauce idea. I think I’ll sub hazelnuts for the pecans I used in the cocoa, sugar, nut swirl.

Want some more fresh from the oven lovin’? My fellow TWD bakers have plenty to share with you so check, check, check ’em out. Visit me again soon to see what I made for January’s Daring Baker’s challenge. Warning – you’ll gain 10 pounds just looking at it! 😉