chocolate pots de creme topped with creme chantilly

I am a naughty, naughty woman for neglecting my blog for this long…please forgive me. As you’ll see, I have been keeping busy in the kitchen – albeit not my own.

Last Saturday, I went to my local Williams-Sonoma for a cooking class on, you guessed it, French desserts! [insert girly squeals of excitement] Somehow, I managed to reign in my enthusiasm and refrained from giving the instructor, pastry chef Amy Archer, air kisses (although I think it would have been completely appropriate for this class). Instead, I chose a more dignified route and set about to become the teacher’s pet. 😉

We were welcomed with warm apple cider and Chef Amy’s savory pecan pumpkin spread with bacon. Cream cheese, pumpkin butter, bacon, green onions, and pecans? That’s downright scandalous!

The menu for the class consisted of: Tarte au Citron, Honey Madeleines, and Chocolate Pots de Creme with Creme Chantilly. Ce magnifique!

honey madeleines

Surprisingly, I favored the honey madeleines over the other two desserts. While the chocolate pots de creme were out of this world, the madeleines really sent me into orbit. The texture was intriguing – like cake, but even lighter. Or maybe it was their faint resemblance to seashells that fascinated me. A mystery well worth unraveling if you ask me. Chef Amy used clover honey, but I’m eager to try them using the fig honey I bought at the farmers’ market a couple of weeks ago.

tarte au citron

The filling of the tarte au citron was extremely tart. I probably will not make the filling, but I enjoyed the pat sucre or “sugar dough” very much. Needless to say, I was in the most sublime state of gluttony I could imagine by the time class ended. If they’d served wine, they would have never gotten me to leave.

I should really stop my ramblings and start preparing some spooktacular treats for all the little ghouls and goblins tomorrow night. Au revoir and happy Halloween!