your's truly with Bobby & Jamie Deen

Let me start by thanking Jamie and Bobby Deen for coming to the Gulf Coast for my blogoversary. You boys are too kind! While naysayers would scoff and claim it was merely a “coincidence”, I choose to believe it was something more – divine intervention, perhaps? Ha!

my autographed copy of Take It Easy

Now the real reason they were in town – their booksigning at Page & Palette. So, the fabulous Ms. Eden and I just had to go to Fairhope last night to say hi. It would’ve been impolite not to.

Well, let me just say, you simply must get your hands on a copy of Take It Easy. If you hurry, you may even be lucky enough to score an autographed copy. I’ll wait while you place your order…


What a great turnout! The line was wrapped around the building, but it was totally worth the wait. Jamie and Bobby were quite charming and gracious and Panini Pete was serving dishes from Take It Easy such as the Hearty Three-Bean-and-Ham Salad, Extra-Special Grilled Cheese Toasts with Tomato, Ten-Minute Blackberry Cream Pie, and Quick Chocolate Crunch Banana Pudding…oh, so yummy! Two more of their recipes jumped out at me that I just can’t wait to make – Asian-Style Beef and Noodle Salad with Cucumbers and Quick Brownie-Raspberry Trifle (I’m a sucker for a trifle!).

Want to meet the Deen brothers? Check out their tour dates to see if they’re coming to a bookstore near you.

And for all my neighbors, I have something for you to look forward to – drumroll please…John Besh will be at Page & Palette on December 8th! That’s right, the John Besh so mark your calendars. Click here for more details and I hope to see you there.