Indian dosas

September’s Daring Cooks’ challenge was selected by Debyi of The Healthy Vegan Kitchen.

dosa pancakes

As soon as I read the challenge requirements the ol’ excitement meter took a nosedive. Requirements: “Must be free of animal products, this will be a challenge for you “regular” cooks out there, but its worth it. So that means, no cows milk, butter, meat, poultry, fish, chicken/beef broth, etc. This dish is also 99% oil free, using only what you need to keep the dosas from sticking (I used a quick spritz of cooking spray on the first dosa only), which isn’t too bad with a nonstick pan. You can use a different filling/sauce if you like, but it must be free of animal products.”

curried garbanzo filling

Mmm…sounds tasty, right? Maybe to some, but I was skeptical. I thought I’d have a hard time convincing my husband to try this if he knew it was vegan, but he was more open-minded about this dish than I was, much to my chagrin. I’m lucky to have a husband who is such a daring eater. 😉

coconut curry sauce

Well, this dish surprised me…in a good way! By no means am I ready to switch to a vegan diet, but I may try to incorporate vegan dishes into our diet a couple times a month. I made the dosa pancakes with spelt flour and soy milk with a curried garbanzo filling and topped them with coconut curry sauce. Visit Debyi’s place for the recipes (click here). This is a great way to get yourself out of a recipe rut.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share my black and white arborrio rice pudding. Yeah for comfort food!