espresso cheesecake brownies

Melissa at Life In a Peanut Shell chose Dorie‘s espresso cheesecake brownies for this week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe. What a sweet way to get back into the TWD groove.

This cheesecake is creamy and luxurious all by itself, but when combined with the brownie batter…get outta here! As you can see, I kept the swirling to a minimum as Dorie recommended. I tried a couple of brownies without the optional sour cream topping and I definitely prefer them with the topping. It just adds another delicious dimension to this decadent dessert.

espresso cheesecake brownies with sour cream topping

Want the recipe? Then, go visit Melissa. And you won’t want to miss what my fellow TWD bakers are up to, so check out the blogroll. September is going to be a super chocolatey month. Come back next Tuesday as I try my hand at Dorie’s chocolate souffle. Fingers crossed!