It's my birthday cake!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! And, yes, I get very, very excited about my birthday.

I’ve had a lifelong love affair with coconut cake. My grandmother would make me a coconut cake for practically every holiday, get together, you name it. Grandma made a dynamite coconut cake, but was also known for her rum cake and pound cakes. The first year after she passed away, I could barely look at a coconut cake without  getting teary-eyed. However, those days are long gone and I’ve since rekindled my passion for this sinful dessert.

My mom made me the most wonderful birthday cake so I had to give her some props for her mad baking skills. Mom made Ina Garten’s coconut cake. Coconut, cream cheese frosting, plus the unexpected (and wonderful!) surprise of almond extract = perfection!! I am a total sucker for cream cheese frosting. Sorry, Dorie, but this is actually the perfect party cake…for me at least.

I have to run now. Kevin is preparing my birthday dinner – filet mignon with twice baked potatoes, salad, and stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon. *drool* He is so good to me! 😀

Visit me tomorrow where I’ll share my banana bundt cake with you…if you’re good! 😉