grouper wellington 1

The husband and I decided to vary our typical seafood meal of salmon smoked on the grill. While seeking inspiration, we came across an amazing blog which in turn reminded us of the snapper wellington we had while on our honeymoon in Key West.

Peter over at Fotocuisine has some amazing step-by-step pics to go along with his Phyllo Wrapped Chili Grouper with Almond Beurre Noisette. I’m still not sold on the idea of fish and cheese, so we brainstormed and came up with two varieties of grouper – one with lemon butter and the other with avocado and tomato.

While I busied myself layering and buttering the phyllo dough, Kevin got to work on the rest of our meal, an almond rice pilaf and green beans with tomato, almonds, and gorgonzola.

grouper wellington 2

The results? An enthusiastic thumbs up for the avocado grouper and a “meh” for the lemon butter. Perhaps, if I’d added more lemon zest it would’ve been a contender. I’m reworking this recipe in my head and I’m thinkng an Italian version with pesto, garlic, and maybe some sundried tomatoes would be nice. Stay tuned…