fresh yellowfin tuna

So, what do you do when your friend catches a 127 pound yellowfin tuna 130 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico on Memorial Day? You invite him over for dinner, that’s what!

Tuesday night, my husband and I were treated to the best tuna ever by our very generous friend, Tagg. And did I mention he was gracious enough to share his recipe for tuna tataki with us? Score!

Tagg’s Tasty Tuna Tataki:

Sushi-grade tuna

Sesame seeds *

Minced ginger


Soy sauce

Olive oil

Pour a small amount of oil in a skillet and heat until hot (but not smoking). Coat tuna on both sides with sesame seeds. *Note:  T recommends using a combination of white and black sesame seeds. We only used white sesame seeds (because that’s what I had on hand), but I plan to try the ebony/ivory combo next time. Sounds like perfect harmony to me. 😉

Sear tuna briefly on each side. Tuna of this quality is best served rare, so whatever you do, do not overcook the tuna! That offense is punishable by law in these parts. Well, not really, although it should be. But I digress…whisk remaining ingredients together for the sauce. You’ll need to play around with the measurements because T was “eyeballing” it. This sauce is so delicious and flavorful, I couldn’t help but dip my veggies in it too!

tuna tataki

We had a HUGE serving of tuna tataki as an appetizer, but I liked it so much that’s how T prepared my tuna entree. The guys wanted to mix it up a little so I blackened their tuna steaks and whipped up a quick pineapple salsa. How quick? Well, I started by grilling the pineapple sections. While the grill was doin’ it’s thing, I chopped a serano pepper and some cilantro. Next, I chopped the grilled pineapple and tossed with the pepper and cilantro. A few dashes of Nellie & Joe’s Key West Lime Juice (I was improvising, okay?) and voila! You have an easy pineapple salsa that tastes pretty darn good if I say so myself…and I do.

pineapple salsa

We practically made ourselves sick from eating so much tuna – if such a thing is possible. I mean, we stuffed ourselves to the gills. No pun intended…okay, I did make that pun intentionally. Maybe all those omega-3’s are making me goofy.

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