Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m back as promised to share my version of the New York Times’ perfect chocolate chip cookies. I made my first batch of cookies after chilling the dough for 24 hours (the minimum recommended chill time). Then, I made the rest of the cookies after about 40 hours of chillin’. I couldn’t tell any difference.

The recipe calls for bittersweet chocolate disks or fèves, but I used Ghiradelli’s 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate premium baking chips because they were readily available (and less expensive!).

The recipe also calls for a sprinkle of sea salt just before baking. As an experiment, I made some with and some without the sea salt. My husband and I prefered them with the sea salt and I think you will too, especially if you like chocolate covered pretzels.

I shared a batch with my favorite author who gave them rave reviews and renamed them “explosive chocolate chip cookies” because they’re packed so full of chocolate.

I hope you’ll give these cookies a try and tweak the recipe to your liking. I think I’ll add some walnuts next time. Now, doesn’t that sound yummy?!

Chocolate Chip Cookies 2