Happy Cinco de Mayo, mi amigos! Today’s festivities made me wonder what other holidays I might celebrate this month…well, aside from the obvious – Memorial Day. I found we have lots to celebrate in the beautiful month of May, but I’m most interested in those holidays that herald culinary delights (naturally).

Here are a few of my faves:

May 6th – Beverage Day – Sounds like a great excuse for a cocktail

May 11th – Eat Whatever You Want Day – My imagination’s running wild!

May 15th – National Chocolate Chip Day – drool…

May 21st – National Waiter/Waitress Day

May 24th – National Escargot Day – I don’t plan to celebrate this one, but I encourage you to indulge if it’s you’re cuppa. 😉

May 28th – Hamburger Day – Plan to celebrate with husband (aka The Grill Master) and some tasty beef.

May 31st – Macaroon Day – Oh, how I love a good macaroon!

Stay tuned to see how I celebrate some of these fantastic holidays. Are you planning to celebrate? If so, I want to hear all about it!

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