Revah pomegranate wine

I was a bit surprised to find a bottle of pomegranate wine in the fridge when I returned from Virginia. My darling husband hosted a small dinner party that weekend and came across ReVah’s pomegranate wine while doing his shopping. We typically drink Cabernet Sauvignon (my fave) or Merlot (my hubby’s fave), but the pomegranate wine is red so I gave it a try. It tasted sweet and is intended as an alternative to white wine. Not being a big fan of white wine, I was surprised how much I enjoyed the pomegranate. With my affinity for all things pomegranate, I should have been less skeptical. I could see this becoming a dangerous habit as it is smooth enough to quench a thirst. The pomegranate doesn’t replace Cab as my favorite, but a nice option when I want to mix things up a little. 😉