A co-worker of mine brought this delicious soup to work to share with the rest of us. Naturally, I wanted more and I could hardly wait to make this simple yet tasty soup myself.


1 whole chicken, cooked and shredded

2 boxes frozen spinach, thawed and drained

Chicken stock (I used Swanson’s reduced sodium broth)

1 small bag frozen diced onions, thawed and drained

1 large package fresh cheese tortelloni or ravioli

1 packet Italian seasoning

Sharon used a store-bought rotisserie chicken in her soup. I opted to bake a chicken in my Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker. I used the recipe that came with my baker – Smothered Chicken with Garlic (check out the recipe here). I must say, I was impressed with the flavor of the chicken. Apparently, Kevin was too because he kept nibbling at it and I wondered if there’d be any chicken left for the soup. Only the fear of being permanently labeled the Soup Nazi kept me from slapping his hands away. 🙂

Sharon chose cheese ravioli for her soup, whereas I used Buitoni’s three-cheese tortelloni. Note: Either eat or freeze this soup within a day or two of making as the pasta will absorb much of the broth.

Next time I make this soup, I will definitely use fewer onions. I’ll also replace the frozen spinach with wilted fresh spinach. Instead of using the store bought Italian seasoning packet, I’ll make my own Italian herb blend using one of my favorite kitchen tools – the mortar and pestle. What’s your favorite kitchen tool?

Have a favorite soup recipe? I’d love to hear about that too.