Our Christmas tree

There’s nothing as festive as a Christmas tree especially a fresh tree. Now, I’m not knocking artifical trees. Trust me, I used an artificial tree for years as an apartment dweller. But once we bought our house, I said “no more!” and it’s been fresh trees ever since.

I love the way it feels when all those memories come rushing back as I unpack our Christmas decorations especially the ornaments. Here are a few of my faves: a stocking from my childhood, jet ski Santa from Kevin’s jet ski racing days, and an ornament made by one of my favorite former students.


ornament from Samjet ski Santa

Here are the newest members of my collection: a silver dove from my boss, an angel from Maebelle, and a carved wooden ornament Vivian brought back from her trip to Austria. Thanks, ladies!

dovecarved wooden ornament from Austriaangel


I’d love to hear about your ornament collection. What’s your most treasured Christmas ornament? Do you have a theme or do you have an eclectic tree like mine?