We’re in luck, dear friends, because the good folks at Very Good Taste have come up with an interesting Christmas activity for us. I encourage you to partake in the fun!

Here’s what to do:

1) Bold all the items you’ve tasted.
2) Place an asterisk after all the items you’ve cooked/prepared.
3) Optional: Cross out anything you never want to try, or add an exclamation mark after anything your really want to try.

The VGT Christmas Fifty

1. Crystallised or candied fruits
2. Egg nog
3. Bûche de Noël, or Yule log
4. Rum balls
5. Bebinca!
6. Roasted chestnuts
7. Cavallucci
8. Tourtière
9. Uszka
10. Port & Stilton
11. Hallaca
12. Roast goose
13. Lefse
14. Sugar plums
15. Romeritos
16. Pinnekjøtt
17. Hot toddy
18. Christmas cake (I’m assuming this is the same as fruit cake?)
19. Tamales
20. Sorpotel
21. Panettone
22. Candy canes
23. Pasteles
24. Speculaas
25. Makowiec
26. Christmas pudding
27. Stollen
28. Figgy pudding
29. Lebkuchen
30. Turrón
31. Mince pies
32. Wassail bowls *
33. Buñuelos
34. Pio Quinto!
35. Marzipan fruits
36. Mulled wine
37. King cake
38. Christmas beach barbecue
39. Cola de mono!
40. Lutefisk
41. Kutia
42. Pizzelle
43. Dominostein
44. Cranberry sauce *
45. Pfeffernüsse
46. Satsumas or clementines
47. Pumpkin pie *
48. Smalahove
49. Nut roast
50. Brandy butter


As you can see, I have not tried many of these items and I’ve prepared even fewer. No matter, I had fun visiting VGT (as I always do) and I enjoyed learning about these new foods (at least they’re new to me). Since this is a British blog, I didn’t anticipate many of my Christmas favorites to make their list.

How did your favorites fare? Did you discover a new food you’re eager to try? If you decide to play along on your blog, feel free to link back to me and VGT.