Photo courtesy of FreeFoto.com

I walk down the street that I know as well as my own face

The pavement shines like copper under the street lamps

Even though I walk with a companion, I feel alone

Surrounded by the falling rain

Just the sound of the rain and my footsteps

There are no cars here – no passersby

Even the busy street just minutes away is silent

And there’s only the rain


This poem (rather, my attempt at a poem) was inspired while walking Mocha and Coal in the rain a few nights ago. We’re experiencing the most dreadful weather here. Today’s high will be 72 degrees, 93% humidity, and we’re under a dense fog advisory. Not exactly the kind of weather that put’s you in the Christmas spirit…although my hair is starting to resemble a Christmas tree. 😉 No matter, the spirit of Christmas will overcome!


I played Santa at work this morning and now I’m listening to Christmas music. What do you do to get in the Christmas spirit? Maybe we should take Buddy the Elf’s advice.