No, I wasn’t hobnobbing at the country club this weekend, but I was fortunate enough to score a lucrative massage gig there. On Saturday, I worked at Steelwood Country Club in Loxley. I was brought in for the day to give 30-minute massages to guests at the Stewart Lodge. It was truly a dream job – a great group of people, beautiful setting, and pretty profitable (did I mention that already?). Thanks, Julie, for thinking of me!

The rest of the weekend was just as fantastic. Kevin and I prepared a delicious brunch on Sunday. That afternoon, we went to Pump It Up for my nephew’s 3rd birthday. We had a great (albeit exhausting) time!



Windowlicker is derived from the French for window shopping “léche-vitrines”, literally “window-licking”.

On the way home, we came across this little beauty. I just LOVE Wagoneers! Ah, if it had only been blue [insert whistful sigh]. One day…

On a side note, we tried a new wine last night by Greener Planet.  A Shiraz-Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon blend made with organically grown grapes. It was surprisingly smooth, having a lower tanin level than some of the other wines we’ve had lately. A good wine and it’s green? You know I’m on board for that!