Then, you just have to go to Etsy! You’ll find so many unique and wonderful things – art, handbags, journals, jewelry, furniture…you name it! They have a delightful selection of vintage goods too.

I’m encouraging a couple of my creative friends to open Etsy shops. Yes, I’m calling you out, Saundra and Tashja! Saundra is the most artistic person I have ever met. She’s an amazing singer, photographer, doll maker, scrapbooking queen, writer of childrens’ books, illustrator, and the list goes on (and on). Saundra made me the most beautiful notecards for my birthday this year featuring her gorgeous nature photography.

Tashja makes the cutest jewelry! She does holiday specific earrings as well as ones you can wear year round. She also makes stylish earring holders. Tashja’s website is scheduled to go live after the first of the year. Hmmm…now, I’m thinking I should start an Etsy shop to market my photography. Promise to  keep you updated on that.

In the window this week… I’m pining after this lovely camera strap slipcover by Shealynn. Very cute and guess where I found it…why, on Etsy of course!


camera strap slipcover

camera strap slipcover

 Windowlicker is derived from the French for window shopping “léche-vitrines”, literally “window-licking”.

On a side note, I went to a fabulous Christmas party last night at Cafe 615. I met the girls from my game night group there for appetizers and a game of Dirty Santa. I gave a copy of Midnight Sins autographed by the incredibly talented Cynthia Eden and I won an adorable bag filled with pamper-me goodies (lotion, body spray, and best of all, an exfoliating hand treatment). We ordered several appetizers to share: beef tenderloin with spinach, crab cakes, tempura portabella fingers, oysters, ahi tuna, bruschetta, fried green tomato and crab cake napoleon, and vegetable wontons. That’s a wrap for today…I have to rest my fingers for a big massage gig tomorrow.  😉