flesh-eating fish pedicure

flesh-eating fish pedicure

Today’s post is inspired by an article on MSN where Glamour lists 11 of the weirdest spa treatments. Here they are:

1.                  Olive oil treatment

2.                  Flesh-eating fish pedicure

3.                  Beer bath

4.                  Bird poop facial

5.                  Bull sperm hair treatment

6.                  Ramen soup bath

7.                  Golf-ball massage

8.                  24-karat gold facial

9.                  Hay bath treatment

10.              Caviar treatment

11.              Cactus scrub

I consider myself pretty open-minded, but some of these I’d rather not try. The hay bath treatment is not recommended for allergy sufferers, so that’s definitely out for me. I’m not feeling the facial with nightingale poop either. And about the bull sperm hair treatment…well, I’d have to be awfully desperate to give that a try. But, hey, I’ve learned to never say never.

I’d totally go for the cactus scrub, golf ball massage, olive oil treatment (I might bring some bread for snacking 😉 ), flesh-eating fish pedicure, and caviar treatment. How about you? Which treatments would you try and which are too out there for you?

While I haven’t had any spa services I would consider weird, these are some of my favorites: hot stone massage, microdermabrasion facial, pumpkin facial (smelled so good I wanted to eat the product!), and a green tea pedicure that was to die for. I’ve seen treatments featuring chocolate and wine, but I haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet. How great would a cocoa body wrap be?!

What are your favorite spa treatments? Have you tried any of these strange treatments? Or, if you know of other weird spa treatments, please share them with us.