The perfect sandal for the beach or your next covert op!

The perfect sandal for the beach or your next covert op!

Check out my new kicks! I ordered a pair of Reef Stash flip-flops and they arrived last week. What’s so great about these flip-flops? Well, the question you should be asking is, “What’s NOT great about these flip-flops?”. They are super comfortable and the arch support is amazing, but that’s not even the best part. They have a hidden compartment where you can store your goodies (i.e., cash, driver’s license, credit card, a key, etc.).
Another thing I love about them is that I practically stole them. I purchased these babies online from Steep & Cheap for $23.09 (and that’s including shipping!). The same shoes are listed at Zappos for $45. Man, I love a bargain!
Want more details? Here you go:
Put your foot down… and keep your valuables under it.
Synthetic nubuck upper and underlay.
Jersey lining with polyester webbing toe post.
Molded EVA midsole with built in arch support.
Nylon drawer casing enclosed in soft polyurethane.
Features a pull out drawer for you to “Stash” your treasures.
Durable rubber outsole.


 They come in a variety of colors: brown, black, light grey, light pink, white, and dark taupe. I chose the brown/aqua combo. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical because I read a few negative reviews (i.e., not enough arch support, they’re too heavy, etc.). All I can say to those critics is, “Are we wearing the same shoes?”. These have way more arch support than your typical flip-flop and while they are heavier than my other flip-flops, they are not so heavy that I’m bothered by it. I give them an A+, 5 stars, and 2 thumbs up! Now, I just need them in more colors. 😉

Reef also makes the Fanning, a flip-flop with a bottle opener built in. Now, I’m all about convenience, but this idea grosses me out.

Have you tried the Reef Stash or Fanning flip-flops? Let me know. I’m curious about the Fannings. The photos I found online show the bottle opener in the bottom of the sole. Am I the only one who find this unsanitary? Just think about where you go in your flip-flops and what the bottom of them come into contact with. For some reason that made me picture Britney Spears going barefoot into a gas station bathroom. I’m shuddering at the thought.