Have you ever received a therapeutic massage? If not, what are you waiting for?! As a massage therapist, I can assure you this is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

The most commonly known benefit of massage is relaxation, but there are many more health-related benefits. Massage boosts circulation, reduces muscle tension, increases joint flexibility, and helps the body recover from exercise. Still not convinced? Check out this article from the Mayo Clinic.

So, you’ve decided you could benefit from a massage, but you’re not sure how to find a professional massage therapist in your area? That’s easy! Here are a few credible sources: American Massage Therapy Association, Massage Therapy.com, and Massage Anywhere. If all else fails, ask around town. Your hair stylist, chiropractor, and other service-oriented professionals probably know a good massage therapist they can recommend.

Now that you’ve found a professional massage therapist, you may have some questions about the types of massage therapy. There are so many massage modalities: Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, Shiatsu, pre-natal, sports, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, hot stone, and much more. If you’re new to massage, I would suggest scheduling a Swedish massage for your first visit. Think of Swedish massage as the basis for other forms of massage. Using oil or lotion, the therapist will massage using long, fluid strokes…very relaxing. For more details on massage modalities visit: http://www.swedishmassage.us/modalitiesdefined.htm.

Still have questions about massage therapy? Ask away! And here’s a great consumers’ guide from the American Massage Therapy Association. Remember, a relaxed body is a happy body. 🙂


I realize this is very basic information so if there are any massage therapists out there who would to chime in, please feel free. What suggestions do you have for those receiving their first massage?