Last weekend, my mom and I visited the Junior League’s Seconds on Sage. I found a cute dress for $10 and a skirt from Talbot’s for $5! I tried on a few other things, but they didn’t work. All in all, I consider the experience a success. I overheard that everything in the store will be 50% off this weekend.

What are my tips for consignment shopping?

1. Try on the clothes. Don’t assume it will fit just because it’s the size you normally wear.

2. Thoroughly inspect the clothes. They shouldn’t sell anything stained or torn. If there are buttons missing or any minor flaws you think you can fix, ask for a discount on the item.

3. Take your time. The racks will likely be jam-packed and it’s easy to overlook items.

4. Look for your favorite brands. I’ve found some great items from Ann Taylor Loft, Talbot’s, and BCBG.

5. Always wash or dry clean the clothes before wearing them. The items should be clean when you purchase them, but keep in mind they may have been on the rack a while and tried on by lots of folks.

I’ve visited several consignment shops in Mobile. Seconds on Sage is definitely one of the nicer ones. I’ve also found some good bargains at Rave Reviews in Plaza de Malaga. I’ve also had good luck selling bridesmaid dresses and Mardi Gras gowns at Rave Reviews.

My mom and I popped into Penelope’s Closet on Florida a couple of months ago. I wanted to support them because of their connection to Penelope House, but it was disorganized and it was really hot in there. We stayed only a few minutes and left empty-handed.

Do you have any shopping tips to share?