What’s my latest obsession? Pandora Radio (http://www.pandora.com/). A friend told me about this months ago and I just recently started using it. So, what is Pandora Radio you ask? Let me tell you – this is an awesome website if your into music. You can create your own radio station with your favorite artists or songs. Since Pandora is free, you cannot play a specific song on demand. It will search it’s database for songs with similar qualities to your request. The more you use it the better it gets because you can customize your station by critiquing the songs played (thumbs up vs. thumbs down). You can add variety to your radio station(s) by adding other artists/songs. For example, one of my stations is John Mayer, but it also plays Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, Counting Crows, The Fray, Jack Johnson, etc. Oh, I almost forgot – you can share your stations with other people. Very cool.

So, what’s your latest obsession?